Approval of the EDSAW Project

EconoMind o.z. is a part of the consortium for the EDSAW project, whose proposal was successful, and we have secured a grant for its implementation. The project is being carried out within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA220-ADU – Cooperation Partnerships in Adult Education scheme.

The project is a distinctive initiative designed to address the digital divide in Central Europe by focusing on the development of digital skills among the aging workforce. Its e-learning platform will offer high-quality courses with academic rigor and practical applications, fostering personal and professional growth within the target group. The emphasis on local learning centers ensures the sustainability of the outcomes. The project’s results will have a significant impact on the aging workforce in the target countries and the EU.

We will collaborate on the project with partners from the Czech Republic, Spain, and Turkey.

We are looking forward to the collaboration!

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